Departments & Roles

Direct, personal engagement is how the BURN2 community develops. Make a difference. Participate! Our BURN2 teams are tasked with specific areas of responsibility, listed below. All of these teams are staffed by volunteers. Volunteering is a way to challenge yourself by being part of a burner community and culture. Come develop BURN2 with us as a participant. Bring your skills and learn new ones with us. Want to be a part of BURN2? Fill out the volunteer application to tell us how you would like to volunteer. We can also use your submission to help match you to a department. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you. We meet every Thursday at 9:00 pm SLT outside our Gerlach office at BURN2, where we collaborate on our events and our community.

Press releases, notices, website design and event information is created or supported through this department. It all goes out into the BURN2 and Second Life communities. We host Press Days, meeting the press in-world to provide them with event theme information and do our part to share burner culture.
Department of Mutant Vehicles
Each year, the BURN2 community creates wonderful and wacky Mutant Vehicles for our events. Event-goers use them to explore and move about the playa. Why not create beautiful and crazy vehicles that are by themselves works of art- to go out and explore all the art the playa has to offer?
Infrastructure Crew
This crew includes the builders of the Man and Center Camp. Sometimes we need other structures as well. The crew often cross-builds and some take on a specific build that have become our traditions on the playa. Help us create places to celebrate, play, contemplate and explore. Scripters, texture makers, sculptures and basic prim builders are all needed to help build a little city out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but playa as the backdrop.
The Lamplighters are a long-held tradition at BURN2. They are an independent group, collaborating with BURN2 and Burning Man, bringing the fire to events in virtual worlds. They select the Temple build team for the annual October event and oversee its construction, ensuring that is is built according to specific guidelines. Lamplighters pave the way at the start of events. Lamplighters exemplify the wonderful burner culture that we share. Moving along the procession routes, they encourage us to participate with them, and celebrate art and fire on the playa. Interested in joining this group? Contact one of the Lamplighter Elders inworld: iSkye Silverweb, Freia Guillaume, Dream Wrexan and Apollo Manga.
Greeters Station:
Greeters and the Greeting Station is what we have developed to help event goers get acclimated to the playa. We help someone who has never been to the playa before, to understand a bit more of what BURN2 is all about. It’s where everyone gets started for their great burn. We provide you with a few good inventory items to share with residents along with our greeter charms.
Performance Department:
We find great performances of all kinds or they find us. They need someone to help get them started and support them while on stage. We also help performers develop an understanding of the Ten Principles. Stage Hosts help make things run smoothly. Being a Stage Host is a great way to participate and enjoy the shows.
Production/Event Lead:
Attention all volunteers who have experience volunteering with BURN2! Have a great idea for an event that will have us talking about it long after it’s over? Then why not bring it up at a Weekly Planning Meeting? Let’s see if we can work together to make it happen! All our events have leads (though event leads are not always the same people). The event leads, BURN2 volunteers and the Burning Man Regional Coordinators work with the department leads to create awesome experiences at BURN2. Share your ideas for big events, how-to lessons, get-togethers – share your ideas!
A lot of what you see at Burning Man is what you see at BURN2, including Rangers roaming around the playa! Rangers are guardians of the shared values of the Burning Man community. They are empowered by the community to address concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts if they can not be resolved by the residents themselves and, rarely, respond to non-consensual assaults (griefing). Rangers encourage a community of shared responsibility and assist only as needed. The role of the Ranger has been described as "Riding the Edge of Chaos." Take the Ranger Training and learn a lot about working with the public at an event gives as much freedom as possible to express one's self with art and performance.

Listed below are our many volunteer opportunities for BURN2! Our events are successful because of the hundreds of volunteers who graciously donate their time, patience, energy, and skills, as well as lots and lots of caffeine. Some folks have been volunteering for years, and for others, this will be their first time.

Think you might want to join us? See below what might rock your boat. When you find something you want to do, surf on over to our volunteer application. Didn’t find what you want? If you still want to volunteer, fill out an application anyway – we will help you find your place in BURN2. Experience is not necessarily necessary, you can learn something new while volunteering in BURN2. We are here to help!

Please also see our Principles of Volunteering.


Friendly Faces of BURN2
These are among the first people you meet when you visit BURN2.

Community Guide
BURN2 Ranger

BURN2 Performance
Musicians, DJs, live performers and staff who assist them.

Stage Host
Live Performer

BURN2 Infrastructure
These hide in plain sight, continually contributing to the structures in BURN2.

Infrastructure Builder
Roads Crew
Script Witch
Texture Maker
Man/Temple/Center Camp/Stage Crews

BURN2 Department of Mutant Vehicles
The “drivers” and creators of BURN2’s art cars; impossible for them to hide, even in plain sight!

DMV Hottie Contributor
DMV Hottie Specialist

Creatives of BURN2
Fashionistas bring style to BURN2 events, while machinimists contribute to the visual record of happenings in the community.

Fashionista Coordinator
Machinima Witch