BURN2 Rangers

BURN2 Rangers are traditional guardians of the shared values of the community. We are empowered by the community to address concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts if they can not be resolved by the residents themselves and respond to non-consensual assaults (griefing). The Rangers encourage a community of shared responsibility and assist only as needed. The role of the Ranger has been described as “Riding the edge of chaos.”

While on duty, BURN2 Rangers patrol an area, a range of territory, interacting with its residents on a personal level. They are the most visible part of our organization during the event, and often the first (and possibly only) contact for residents with the BURN2 Operations Team. They are often the first response to a situation. While on patrol they keep moving around their assigned areas. They meet and greet their fellow residents; they are part of the BURN2 community. They may stop in for a campfire chat at a nice-looking camp. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time Ranger, their presence and the Burner’s perceptions are a valuable team asset. If a problem occurs later in a patrol area, the Rangers have a relationship with the residents involved and can be a valuable aid.

What the BURN2 Rangers Are

They are mediators, acting as go-betweens in helping people resolve disputes. Their role is to act as an independent third party and help people find compromises that all parties can live with. Rangers rise from the dust when they are needed and recede when they are done.

What They Are Not

BURN2 Rangers are NOT cops. They are not a police force, and they have no authority other than that which the BURN2 community has given them. They do not tell people what to do or give orders. They do not battle griefers. They do not wear uniforms; they wear costumes.

Becoming a Ranger

Check this out for information: How to Join the Rangers.